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Need help choosing the right University or Course?

Compare Universities & Courses you are interested in and discover...
  • Who employs their graduates?
  • What starting salary can you expect?
  • What type of role you may end up in?
  • How many graduates did not find employment?
  • Which student's union is rated better?

Research career prospects and find employers

Search graduate employers and discover...
  • Who employed graduates of your Course and University?
  • How to get in touch with potential employers?
  • What employers are in your region?
  • What job roles suit your degree?
  • Your earning potential?
  • Current job vacancies

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Six months after leaving University most graduates
complete a survey giving information about their
current employer. We take a de-personalised version
of this graduate feedback, clean it up and enhance it
with detailed information about each employer.
Information on universities, courses and the companies that recruit their graduates.Over 950,000 graduates contributed to the information on this site.


Through this website your students can search for suitable graduate employers and use the current job vacancies, contact and career information provided to apply for jobs.

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Find people that are interested in working for you. Update our information on your company and how graduates should apply for a career with you.

Post your relevant jobs and let students know of new opportunities within your organisation.

We are constantly researching and improving the data behind and over the next few months we will be increasing the number of employers and adding new ways in which you can interact with the data.

The only way to find which companies previously recruited from your University course



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