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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have to register if accounts are free?

You can now view most of the content of this site without registering. Registration gives you access to more information such as salary information and allows you to view more companies on the graduate employer list per day.

What is the difference between your site and other sites such as Unistats?

We use sources such as the Unistats data, but we add our own research into the mix. This site focuses more on post graduation employment prospects: we want to help people get a better understanding of what job they might get after completing their degree, for example how much they could earn, or are there any potential employers in their region?

Our goal is to be a one stop solution giving you everything other sites give you and more.

Is there a mobile friendly version of your site?

Not yet, but we are working on it. We hope to have something for you in a week or two.

Why isn’t there a forum I can ask for assistance on?

This is something we hope to bring you soon, it is high up on our list.