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Update Blog


Our employer search page is now based on feedback from nearly a million graduates about their employer 6 months after leaving university.


This week we are updating the website to include an extra year of graduate data. Ofgel site will soon be based on the feedback from nearly a million graduates from 2013, 2014 & 2015.


Added a new tick box to our graduate employer search facility that allows you to search for companies that are licensed under the register of sponsors Register of Sponsors.pdf


Added over 20,000 new company sites that have recruited graduates.


Added our twitter feed to the homepage.


A few days ago we launched our twitter account @ofgeldotcom we will integrate our twitter feed into this website next week.


We now have information on over 12,000 graduate employers live on the website.


Today we  launched our first mobile friendly content, giving mobile users better access to the graduate employer list. Click here  for the new mobile site.


For the first time you can view the top UK graduate employers list without creating an account.


You can now drill from the university department comparison down to the courses offered by that department and then down to details of the actual courses. We now have information on over 30,000 university courses live on the site,.


Added 500 more companies to the top graduate employer list. Taking the total available up to nearly 12,000 company sites.


Using our university department comparison you can now drill down and view a list of courses for each university department.


There are now 2 years of information available on the university department comparison screen.


There are now 2 years of information available on the university comparison screen.


Under the university, department comparison screen you can now view companies that employed graduates of that university & department.


We’ll be rolling out some big improvements to the site this week. Today we put live improvements to the university comparison screen.


Added 300 more companies to the graduate employer list.


Added university comparison & university department comparison to the preview menu.


Added a page giving a link to each universities clearing page. We may be missing a few but we should have most of them.

We have been working on converting some of our content so that it can be see without registering. Today we put live the first page on a new preview menu available under Get Started, the new page allows you to rank universities in different ways. Here is a link.


The top graduate recruiting company list now contains detailed information on over 11,000 UK companies and is based on feedback from 2 years of graduate data.


Added the 2014 graduate breakdown to the gender salary comparison pages.


The latest year of graduate feedback results will be put live over the course off this week. Once live this site will be based on feedback from over 650,000 people who either graduated in 2013 or 2014.


Added region selection to the rank universities your way page.


Thank you to everyone that liked our new facebook page last week. We got 139 likes in one week which is great going.

Today we added new functionality allowing you to rank universities your way, we will add more ranking options to this new page over the next few weeks.


Thank you to all the schools & sixth forms that helped us over the last school year. Your feedback and assistance, putting up posters etc is very much appreciated. We hope you all have a great summer.


Added frequently asked questions page, we will add more questions and answers over the next few days.

Today’s news featured articles on the difference between male and female salaries; we decided to explore this topic. How fair are graduate starting salaries by gender? We were shocked by the results, so we have published them, sign up/log in to see them.


Added facebook buttons to link to our new facebook page


Added a top 40 chart - University by Average Starting Salary (the top University has an average salary over double that of any other)

Added a top 40 chart - Universities with the best chance of getting a first or upper (2.1) qualification

Added a university comparison example to this page


Updated the examples on this page

Added a top 40 chart - Universities ranked by student union satisfaction

Added a top 40 chart - Universities ranked by %graduates that quickly get a full time job


Added % unavailable to work figures to university comparisons

Added unemployment figures to university comparisons


Added % Satisfied with student’s union to university comparisons

Added degree qualification breakdown to university comparisons

Put live a new version of the university course comparison - easier to read

Added degree qualification breakdown to university course comparison


Added careers information to 300 more employers.


Added Blog